Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eureka hangs out with a new friend (1968 Unimog)

Jim and I drove this 1968 Mercedes Unimog fire command vehicle down to Moffett on Sunday. Manny was on watch, and gave us a hand checking it out. He has an agricultural unimog back at home.

Aside from going nearly deaf driving down the highway in this spartan vehicle, we enjoyed the waves and smiles that come with driving a fire truck in public.

It carries a Metz pump (built on a volkswagen car engine) in the rear, with hoses and accessories in the side mounted storage areas. The cabin is 3-door, with a bench seat and fold-out desk surface for spreading out maps.

Amazingly, when asking some visitors if they had noticed the truck next to the ship, somehow they had missed it. Big and Red counts for something on the road, but apparantly is not enough to catch attention when sitting in a 1000 foot long hangar next to a Zeppelin!

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