Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pilot Experience Days -- Our 2nd Class

We've completed our second Pilot Experience Day

In addition to California, these pilots had come from Washington state, South Dakota, Texas and Florida to learn about, and fly, the Eureka.

It started yesterday with a half day of ground school, pilots reception, and informal dinner. Then bright and early the 2nd day started with breakfast, trip to the hangar to watch the ship come out, and then the prize -- 30+ minutes of stick time for each of the 6 pilots.

The day wrapped with a celebratory champagne toast and log book sign-off. It isn't many log books that you'll see "NT-07" and "N704LZ" appear in!

When asked for their reaction flying our girl, several pilots remarked that it was "humbling" and "amazing -- unlike anything they had ever experienced".

There were so many amazing stories shared over the two days -- some were EAA members that had built their own planes over the years, others were commercial pilots, a few had served in the military. They all shared a love of aviation and delight in a shared experience.

Interested? We're opening up additional sessions in August and September. Just call reservations at 650-969-8100x111 for more information.

Up Ship!

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