Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

So, you're wondering, why is Meghan so utterly delighted to be holding a commercial vehicle license plate? It belongs to the historic Mercedes mast truck and the fact that we have a plate means that Meghan's many months of navigating the paperwork of various agencies is over.

It's a big challenge when you own a 32tonne vehicle that is unique, never been imported to the USA before, not based on any truck that is already here, AND happens to be part of the aircraft. No-one is quite sure what to do with it. So Meghan has been helping them figure it all out, by looking for analogs, clauses and possibilities. We've been down a number of dead end paths, but finally we moved from a temporary to permanent registration just before we headed to Long Beach.

People often assume that you are only in 'start up' mode until you start the operations. But when you are constantly breaking new ground and rewriting the rule books, it's a never ending treadmill of forms, meetings and paperwork and I'm sure we'll still be tying up things way past the first anniversary of the airship arrival!


Chris Humphrey said...

Will you use both once the new mast truck arrives?

Anonymous said...

Since, getting the right paperwork for the Mercedes has been so difficult, doe this mean that the MAN truck has been only available for use at the Hangar?
Please give us some more info and pictures about the MAN before you send it home, as well as, more details about the International when it arrives.
Although, I imagine you are quite tired of trying to operate a truck fleet, in addition to the real business, especially, with the complications of having two of them each being the only examples in the US.

Anonymous said...

wow I love airships I've always wanted to fly on one very excited to see a company starting up. Wish I lived in Usa sometimes! Just a thought-have you considered international cruises?