Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Red Car Syndrome

You know how once you buy a 'red XYZ car', then you suddenly see lots of them where before you hadn't noticed them, infact, everyone seems to have one....?

Well, we now spot airships.

Like this one in our local grocery store. We're not sure what message about the greatness of these oranges is conveyed by having a 785ft long airship on the packaging*, but it looks cool.

* please send in your suggestions

Luftschiff Log Entry One.

I assume that you're here because you are curious.........
possibly even slightly passionate......... about airships.
So are we.
We want one.
Enough to work out how to get one.

And we want to let people see the world from a few hundred feet above the ground. Quietly and in quality surroundings. Without being shaken around like in a helicopter, and with accurate control where you go (unlike a balloon). (Oh, and in relation to the latter mode of transportation, without having to get up at the crack of dawn as we're really not morning people.)

So we've embarked upon a journey where every day we encounter another unique circumstance, another quirky idea or thought, a new inspiration or person and of course, another piece of red tape.

We like red tape because we'll eventually BE the scissors. And we'll cut through it, drink the champagne, and say 'luftschiff hoch!'

But until that time we thought it would be fun to chronicle all these unique things that will make our journey memorable. We hope you'll enjoy it with us, and be ready to buy your ticket when we launch.