Sunday, May 24, 2009

Behind the scenes again

Elaine, Julie and Reese are busy in the call center this morning. Along with Sam, Marley, Janice and Zak - as well as some additional help from our administrative manager, Meghan, director of sales, Joanne, and backup from CFO Pat and IT manager Brian - these guys have been working to field all the telephone calls, voice mails and emails over the past week. Way to go guys! It's super hard work to be talking solidly for hours and after a while, it becomes hard to remember what you've already told the person you are speaking to!

We love talking to everyone though. All our potential passengers have a story - the anniversary they want to celebrate, the birthday, the fact that this has been on their 'to do' list for years and they're excited to fly..... It means that every conversation is a pleasure (and long!) even before we get to the booking process! We still have over a hundred inquiries backlogged that we're working through as quickly as we can - while the phone keeps on ringing - so if you're wondering why we haven't called you back yet, it's because we didn't quite anticipate how much Los Angeles would fall in love with us! We're so excited to be going back in July.

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