Sunday, May 24, 2009

Behind the scenes

While the airship and operations team are down in Long Beach, the supporting cast back at Moffett Field is also working crazy hours to keep up with all the phone calls and emails. We have opened up the July 4 weekend (July 2-7) and that is filling up fast. We're excited about firework flights!

The guest services team use a helpdesk software to enable them to keep track of all the requests, inquiries and calls. As it is web based, it allows me to go in and help out - which I did for many hours yesterday. I've added a couple of screen grabs from emails. The first is subtle, but amusing. A couple wishing to book answered our question "date", not with the date they wished to fly but with a simple 'yes'. Most of the people who fly with us are doing so for a special occasion!

The second is a grab from an email from a passenger who flew in Long Beach while on vacation from Nashville, TN. As she resorted to 'shouting' (using caps) then we think she had a good time and it looks like she's set to become a frequent flier. Cool.

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