Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Los Angeles Routes

Here is a quick grab of the tracking map from the airship for the past few days. As you can see, there's plenty more places for us to fly yet! Follow the map here as we transit back up the coast today. Lift off is scheduled for 10am. Bon Voyage Eureka!


Chris Humphrey said...

I've wondered if it isn't possible to update the position of the Eureka more frequently. While logical thought suggests that it doesn't fly a strict triangular pattern, it might give a better idea of the possible views for potential passengers if they saw a more accurate path. But on the other hand, a 30 minute update is great for cross country tracking such as this mornings flight.

Alex Hall said...

Well, each ping costs. So we could update more frequently, but that would be a larger bill and we are a start up company! Also, as our routes are governed by weather and air traffic as well as not being able to fly over certain restricted areas, we don't want someone to book based on seeing that we flew over X and then be upset when we don't later. I think its possible to set it so that the tracker doesn't join up the points though. Thanks for the suggestion.