Tuesday, September 30, 2008

At sea!

The ship left Hamburg on Friday, and is currently due west of Spain...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Where there's a space....

There's a person.... The Airship Ventures offices are getting a little crowded while we are waiting to move into our permanent larger space but still increasing the team. I took a few snapshots on Wednesday. Dustin (web producer) and Brian (President) working hard at the kitchen table to QA and finish up the website. Brian K (Interim IT Manager) and Al setting up an impromptu IT department in the copy/mail room. And its about to get tighter with all our guest services team coming aboard!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Germany or England?

The fog rolled in...

Tall Ship, DockShip, Airship

Ship and Ship 1

Spot the white airship on the far right of the image

gray day..

The sun is thinking about coming out in Hamburg. We hear the airship is on its way to the dock. Combi Lift 1 is waiting...

Watching the ship load and sail

We're hoping for good weather on Friday (and Hamburg is +9PDT, so at 9pm tonight our time, the crew will be checking the weather at the port.) If so, then the Zeppelin will be loaded onto Combi Dock 1 and depart for the USA.

There is a webcam pointed at the Airbus dock that we are using. The link times out and points to a main page, so you'll have to scroll down and look for the camera titled "Nienstedten". This grab was taken at about 1.30am Hamburg time and clearly shows Combi Lift and the Airbus hangar in the background.

Other webcams on this website are pointed down the river, so once Combi Dock sails, you should also be able to track progress.

The airship is carrying the transponder, and we'll let you know where you can go to track the airship once she enters the ocean.

Bon Voyage!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Trucks, Trucks

It's wonderful having our ground crew at Moffett Field. They've been very busy. Today the first of our ground support vehicles arrived - the big Ford 450 dually that will be towing the maintenance trailer and our 350 dually that carries and tows.

Two more 350's are on their way and the crew will be driving them all across country starting early in October to meet the airship at the Port of Beaumont, TX. Will Spivey, one of our A&P mechanics, took these pictures.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Halloween Flight with Steampunk Band Abney Park

Abney Park has partnered with Airship Ventures for a historic flight!

Captain Robert writes:
This October, Airship Ventures will return airship travel to the people --- with the first commercial airship flights in the U.S. in over 70 years, aboard the largest Zeppelin in the world! And this October 31st, you can come along on a flight into history with Abney Park! Hell, if you want us too, we can even play you a few songs on the flight!

There are only 8 seats remaining on this momentous flight, and it’s less then a month away, so contact me (Captain Robert) ASAP if you’re interested. The Flight will be in the Bay Area, and the opening day of the California Steampunk Convention, so odds are you’ll be in town already!

email robert@abneypark.com for more details.

Curious about the band? View their video "Airship Pirate"

Interested in booking a charter for your own organization or special event? Contact Joanne Fedeyko , our Corp. Sales & Events Manager.

Lima Zulu

It has been a busy week for the ship. In order to get ready to be loaded on to the dock ship to cross the Atlantic, the fins and engines have been removed.

In preperation for her new home in the US, the ship now sports her new tail number, N704LZ. It has been a long time coming -- we reserved this number back in 2007, and it will shortly  be put to use.

Why N704LZ?

  • N -- all US registered civilian aircraft start with N
  • 7 - This is a Zeppelin NT model 07
  • 04 - Serial number 4
  • LZ - To honor the past, we selected the letters LZ for "Luftschiff Zeppelin"

  • As to the model number, legend has it that the "07" refers to the approximate volume of helium in the envelope, 7000 cubic meters. In the past there were discussions of an NT14 (roughly 14,000 cubic meters, allowing for up to 19 passengers) and Zeppelin Europe Tours has promoted the concept of a 50 passenger version, of 50,000 cubic meters, which we've referred to in the past as as an "NT50".

    Up Ship!

    (Photo courtesy Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik)

    Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    In Hamburg

    The airship reached Hamburg. These pictures were taken Wednesday evening while the airship was kiting in gusts on the mast.

    There will be a webcam set up for us to watch the airship being prepared for her journey on the dockship and we will publish the URL shortly!

    The Journey begins...

    Today the airship left Rotterdam for Hamburg, taking off at 11.20am local time. When she gets to Hamburg, the process of removing the side empenages and side engines to prepare her for transport on the dock ship begins. Combi Dock 1 is expected in Hamburg on Monday or Tuesday next week. Watch this space for pictures and news!