Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sure, we can do that...

So, we're going to Los Angeles. And we had planned a parachute drop on Thursday morning to excite the press. But now we're being upstaged by the moving of Michael Jackson's body to Neverland Ranch. All the helicopters that would have been watching our jump are now going to be following a motorcade for several hours. Most of the press we had scheduled to fly on Thursday will be otherwise engaged. Drat. Time for plan B or C.

Wait a minute, how about having the Zeppelin follow the motorcade?......Watch this space..


Hang Glider Nerd said...

If the weather and authorities cooperate:Brilliant!
Eureka will be seen globally by millions.
And the ship will prove far less intrusive than noisy helicopters.Add a news crew,or 2 or 3, aboard and this will once again demonstrate how much better a Zeppelin NT is as an observation platform than any other form of aviation.

Ruth Pearson said...

AHHHHHHH!!!!!! follow him, follow him!!!!!!