Monday, June 29, 2009

Red Tape Cutter

A bit of deja vu but here's another picture of a very happy Meghan holding the plates for the new International Mast Truck. Wading through all the DMV paperwork is not for the fainthearted when there is no check box for a truck that is also part of an aircraft. But we found a talented 'can do' person called Brenda who has now helped us with figuring out what to do with all three trucks so that we can legally drive them on the road!

The International is getting ready for its first road trip which will be to Los Angeles (there are only 140miles on the odometer right now). We'll post some pictures of the airship on her shiny white mast truck as soon as we get some!


Randy M. said...


This is sort of off-topic but I see on TV here in Canada that the silly Desjardins Insurance advertisement featuring airships is back on the air.
It shows people flying by airships that travel through thunderstorms, leak rain water on passengers, and are anything but a luxurious experience. The idea being that without improvements in technology people would have to travel that way by airship. The link to the company being that Desjardins allegedly does insurance differently and much improved. It's actually pretty stupid 'tho I understand the attempt at humour and what the commercial is trying to get across. The commercial doesn't appear to be on the Internet anywhere so I can't send you a link to see for yourselves.
Oh well... I think of the "Eureka" everytime I see the dumb commercial and hope things are going well with y'all...

Bye for now,

Randy M.
Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

Russ said...

"(there are only 140miles on the odometer right now)"

There may only be 140 road miles on the odometer, the truck chassis must have traveled, far in excess of 10,000 miles, at this point, with little to no wear on the drivetrain and without the wheels turning.

Thank you, for the updates on the support equipment, as well as Eureka.