Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Outskirts of Tucson


Anonymous said...

We had the pleasure of seeing you come across Tucson. I am sad to report I did not have my children with you however I was able to get some photos of you from a parking garage at the University of Arizona campus.

I have sent the better three of what I took as you flew over.

I hope you enjoy them and thank you for the map page to track you, it allowed me to get these pictures.

bats :[ said...

I saw a wee speck of you in the distance (drat!). I notice that you'll be in Thermal on the 23rd. Are you taking a day off here in Tucson? Is it possible to get a closer look at your ship at the Marana airport?

Alex Hall said...

HI Bats
Yes, the airship will be in Tucson at least one day. Suggest you go over to Marana and see what you can do. I don't know the airport, so don't know the security issues.