Friday, October 17, 2008

Air to Ground View -- at last!

The view we have waited all week to see -- or over 2 years if you count from the start of the project. We circle the Port of Beaumont.

Breathe deep.

We're the first Zeppelin in the skies over America in more than 70 years.


MiGrant said...

Congratulations guys!
Have you published your plans for the flight to San Francisco anywhere? I'd love to see the ship. Of course I'm planning to come take a ride as soon as I get the chance.

Brian said...

Yes, you can see our plans and the current location (via satellite tracking) at

Anonymous said...


We are so happy to see that things are going well for you and the crew! We enjoyed your visit and hope that your enjoyed your stay at the port. This is a neat aerial view of "The Point." (Now we can see that Ike's storm surge shattered some of the letters!)

Good luck on the rest of your journey. Even though you all are well on your way to home base, if there is anything we at the port can still do for you just let me know at


Mike D. Smith
Public relations manager
Port of Beaumont