Saturday, October 18, 2008

San Antonio Bound

The airship left Beaumont Airport at 8.43am local time for San Antonio. The transit begins! Clear skies and fair sailing team! We're so proud of everyone that has worked so hard to get the airship off the ground. This past two weeks has involved new challenges every day, from dealing with trains that go through the port, to taking down light poles, pumps that died, couplings that didn't fit and a pile of regulations. And the onsite crew with Brian, Dwayne, the pilots and Chris Sandford (DZR Crew Chief) have problem solved and figured it out every time. Wow.


rjamestaylor said...

Very cool! I'm in San Antonio, TX, and found out about your flight through I'll be tracking the flight and will take the kids to see you arrive in San Antonio.

Wish we could book a tour before you go to NoCA.

Oh, you should "twitter" about your progress, too. Use to micro-blog your progress. Very effective...

Lastly, the tracking page says you are basically following I-5. This is true once you get to LA...until then it looks like you're following I-10 & I-8. :-)

Anonymous said...

The airship just past Katy, Tx @ 10:52 AM