Monday, October 6, 2008

Closing in...

A quick grab from our tracking page on the website.
Airship and Dockship due at Beaumont probably Saturday (11th) evening.
Our crew leave in a day or so to drive cross country with all our ground support vehicles to meet it.
Very exciting!


MiGrant said...

Do I recall correctly that you're flying the ship (does it have a name?) from Texas to California? Are you not taking passengers for any of that trip? I can't find anything on your website. When/where will we get to see her? Your fans want to know!

Alex Hall said...

We are not able to carry passengers on the transit flight unfortunately. We will be publishing the route and expected stop dates in the next day or so.

Alicia said...

I'm hoping we'll be able to spot you as you fly over Texas!

三原由宇 said...

Hello, I read your blog in Japan.
I'm looking forward to see the soon as possible after she'll arrive SFO. (or somewhere in California?)
Bon voyage, bon courage, the long way to the golden gate goal!