Thursday, May 15, 2008

Road Trip part 1

As previously mentioned, our intrepid Chief Pilot, Scott and Zeppelins Ground Crew Chief, Chris, are on the road this week investigating the port(s) where we are hoping to bring the ship in with the Airship on board. Then they are checking out each airport and field that we might use on the way to San Francisco. Logistics also have to be figured out - where is the nearest Avgas, helium, hotel, etc.

One of the biggest issues is determining whether there is enough clear space for the Zeppelin. Scott has visited many of these airfields before with blimps, but they are all smaller than the Zeppelin so it is essential that a very careful measurement of the potential space and all obstructions is done. As you can see, the team are employing what Scott terms 'the wheel of fortune'. If it gets to the right marker point, then we have a potential landing site!

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