Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Neither snow, nor rain...

Working with Wolfgang von Zeppelin over the past few months, we learned that the ship will be carrying the usual German first flight covers that are done by the Kinderdorf Flugpost to benefit the "Childrens Village" project. She will also be carrying a handful of our own envelopes. This morning we quickly made up a small pile of our Airship Ventures notecard envelopes with a rubber stamp imprint of the NT, one of the USS Macon (ZRS-5) and proper German postage stamps. It will get a Friedrichshafen cancellation on the first flight day as well as the on board cancellation. We will then carry these on our trip halfway across the world, collecting cancellations as we go, and they will finally arrive at Moffett Field and get cancelled by the post office there. These little treats, which will also have pilot and other signatures, will be given to our wonderful team, some folks at Zeppelin, a couple of museums and we will have a small number left over which we will use for good causes to be announced.

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