Wednesday, May 21, 2008

how many designers does it take to run a webcam?

Us 2 designers in California & Rob the illustrator in Rhode Island were up late and up early for a couple days glued to the Zeppelin webcam. We got really good at watching airplanes and race cars wheeled into buildings across the street, and screaming at the computer when some mysterious 3rd or 4th person somewhere in the world would receive their control of the camera and point... at what? Since we already felt the camera was ours, we took turns sharing the investigation of every inch of the Friedrichshafen airfield (did you know the airfield is the first airfield in the world?!). Can you find the bird poop on the top of a light fixture?

And what did we get for our efforts? a guy cutting the lawn, although it was kind of fun to slew pitch and zoom the camera to follow him up and down the rows

why didn't she come out?, what's up, too windy?? - we saw the wind sock - and too rainy?? - looked damp???

So today we were about to get off the camera, but we stayed up longer than we planned, chatting on the phone when suddenly, the doors are opening the doors are opening!!!! ahhhheie!!!

hey, the nose is coming out!!

Why don't I see it, Ahhhh!!, My connection is crashed! OK. back in again, and there she is, with our San Francisco, Hollywood, Treasure Island - stamps! weee, looks great.

HEY who has the webcam, somebody is pointing at nothing!! ahh, back to the Zeppelin, in full out on the field.

Thanks for letting us be a part of this journey - Maria, Rob & Matthew


Christian said...

Hey, sorry, if I was the one taking away the webcam and then not moving it to the interesting spots. Sometimes I simply have to get away from my computer and do my real work and I forget to close the window and get out of the queue.

I was very happy to finally see #4 out of the hangar this morning :-)

Up ship!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that the statement on Wikipedia was incorrect. I removed it. An explanation can be found under the Discussion tab. Sorry to hear you have been mislead about FN being the first airport in the world. I don't think it's the first one in Germany either. It's still an impressing airport though, especially for it's size since the runway can handle quite huge airplanes.