Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Coming up....

Please bookmark our blog and stay in touch via our mailing list. The next six months are going to be CRAZY! Coming up on the blog...
  • #4 in all her glory. She's almost ready to fly.
  • Our Zeppelin Pilots-in-training will let you know about their adventures
  • Our Chief Pilot, Scott, is on a long Road Trip with Zeppelin's Ground Crew Chief, Chris. Together they are scoping out the airports and sites that the airship will travel through on her way to California. Expect some pictures and posts from them as they cross many States.
  • News of The Route that the airship will take once in the USA
  • At least one post about all the onerous regulations to do with 'selling travel'.
  • Lots of stories we wrote in the past but couldn't post for confidentiality reasons will finally get posted.
We hope you enjoy the ride with us!


dlmarti said...

I think this is a fantastic idea, and a real asset to the community.

My only suggestion would be to NOT have advertising on the side of the blimp. Its going to alienate the community if this thing turns into a billboard.

Alex Hall said...

Unfortunately carrying passengers alone won't pay for the costs of operating the airship, advertising is a necessary piece of our revenue stream. Unlike all other blimps, because we do have some passenger revenue, we can afford to be a little more choosy than just the first company that pays the money. We have high standards and have no wish to be carrying objectionable branding around. When we advertise, it will be with high quality partners and we'll do our best to find other solutions, such as finding a Foundation to pay for some public art.