Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Real Blimp Chaser

Recently, a mockumentary about ‘Blimp Chasers’ has been on YouTube. It covers the exploits of a team of blimp chasers who spend their time chasing blimps across the country. Designed as part of a viral marketing effort, it is probably funniest to those who are already in the industry.

Steven Lawson, a super talented former ground crew chief, has been with us for the past week or so, and his library of blimp videos and images is unbelievable. We’re really lucky that he’s been taking pictures of our airship and we’ll share some with you, but here’s where I got to turn the tables!

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Anonymous said...

I am looking for a Steven Lawson that I spent time with as an exchange student early 1988. I know he had gotten his helicopter license and was searching online to find him can someone tell me more about the Steven Lawson in this blog? Thanks Lucinda