Sunday, September 2, 2007

Up Ship (2)

The highlight of my trip to Zeppelin was of course, to take a ride in the airship. It is an amazing experience and actually quite difficult to describe. The take off was a non event, we were airborne before I knew it. The gondola is very quiet and peaceful, with wonderful views from all windows and the ability to open windows to be able to take pictures without reflections. As it was such a perfect flying day, Pilot Hans Paul Stroehle allowed both of us to take a turn in the right seat and generously answered all of our questions about flying Zeppelins. Thanks HP! (He also takes great pictures which you can find here)

The views of the vast amount of agriculture in this lovely part of the world, the flower island of Mainau and the lake served to tantalize us when we considered what incredible views of the San Francisco Bay Area, wine country etc we would be able to get. Patience, patience...

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