Monday, April 23, 2007

No, they don't mean Zeppelin....

Reuters put out a story on Thursday 19 April regarding the use of an airship to fight crime in Venezuela. They titled it "Venezuela launches Zeppelin to tackle rampant crime". Sensitive to anything that mentions a Zeppelin, as opposed to a zeppelin, I eagerly read down the article.

Almost immediately I realised that this was actually a remote controlled 50 ft long airship, a blimp, and a small one at that, built by Korean firm HanGIS. While these are undeniably cute (the really small one would be heaps of fun for buzzing the neighbors), Zeppelin had nothing to do with this.

Well, I guess if the venerable Reuters can get it wrong, then I shouldn't be too hard on everyone else!

PS. You owe it to yourself to check out the HanGIS page on 'How to Operate Airship'.

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