Tuesday, April 17, 2007

And the deductible is.....?

"So what do you want to insure?"
"err. A Zeppelin"
"Like the one that blew up in the 1930's, what was it called, the Hindenberg?"
"Well, not exactly. Shares the same name, but that's about it."
" So its like the Goodyear blimp then?"
"umm, no. Not one of those either."
"Ah, I'm not sure we have a category I can put into the computer, unless, hey, is it like a balloon?"

So goes my dream last night about the possible conversations I might have regarding hull insurance for the airship. Fortunately reality isn't quite so frustrating. But it's tempting to call 'Triple A', just for fun.

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Crash said...

Alex - we will find you an insurance policy that will help those bad dreams:)-Kelly Alton