Sunday, April 1, 2007

and Airships for Tea

I can see our house starting to take on overtones of an airship museum as we make it known to our friends and family that we're in the airship business. Still, at least now they have one thing to look out for when birthdays and other celebrations roll around! Hence the answer to the question - what do you buy a British gal for her birthday? An airship teapot!

Apparently these are made from the original 1920's mold and production ceased after the R101 disaster. The whole is very nicely weighted for pouring and even though the spout does look faintly ridiculous, overall it's a very pleasing pot. If you're a member of the Airship Heritage Trust in the UK, you can get a small discount if you go through their web page. Otherwise you can order direct from Racing Teapots and they ship amazingly fast and very well protected to overseas addresses. (I also like their train.)

I recommend a first flush darjeeling, Fortnum and Masons.

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