Sunday, October 16, 2011

Classic '69 Fuel Truck

Last week in San Antonio, the crew came across this true classic -- a 1969 fuel truck built on a Ford chassis with tank by Newberry Tanks & Equipment Company. Even better, Newberry is still around, and made the tank for our own fuel bowser back in 2008.

Troy with a Classic (our modern one in the background) 
Still in West Memphis, Still Making Tanks!

Tank Lid Circa 2008

Tank Lid Circa 1969


Leon Pershick said...

Wow! It's very rare to come across a '69 fuel truck classic at these times. And looks like it's still in a good condition.
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John Huntsman said...

That is quite a retro find. Not a lot of those found nowadays. This one is rare as it is on running condition.
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