Friday, July 22, 2011

Oshkosh 2011 Poster Art

Robert, Matthew and Maria have done it again, and produced a fantastic poster, t-shirt, and note-card to commemorate our visit to Oshkosh. We will have them available for sale at the Farmers Airship booth on the flight line, as well as at our passenger operations center at the EAA Museum.

There are 41 aircraft depicted in the poster. Some of which will be at the show, some of which we took some artistic license with.

Can you name them all?

I'll post our "spotters card" with a legend for all 41 on Monday.


Anonymous said...

You should make these available to everyone via mail order!

Brian said...

We just launched our new re-designed web site and online booking yesterday, and an online gift shop is next up on our web/IT project list!

So not yet, but soon!

Anonymous said...

Beech Starship represent!

Paul said...

Hello Brian,
congratulations to this absolutely great site. Fantastic taste and absolute stylish. Wish we had that ourselves.
Regards Paul