Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bye Bye Washington State.

Eureka is just passing Portland and will be landing at Salem shortly on the first leg of our return journey. Weather permitting, Eureka will be back at her Moffett Field hangar sometime on Sunday. We'll post a more up to date schedule once we are closer. Everyone at HQ is very much looking forward to seeing the away team again and being all together for the Fall.

The entire team are advocating for us to go to Seattle more often. The scenery, the people and the hospitality were exceptional - the weather, less so. We unfortunately lost a few flights to weather and the locals told us it "usually isn't this bad", but we wondered if they were just telling us that so we'd come back!

Anyway, we will be back. Thanks for all the fun!


Anonymous said...

Please do return more often to the region. I hope you had a wonderful time and I plan to take ride in your wonderful Zeppelin in the future. Would be fantastic if you could do Vancouver BC as well on your next stop. Hopefully the government regulations in Canada will make it easy for your operation to do that.

Egils said...

Yes we want you back for the 50th Anniversary of the Seattle World's Fair in 2012. September would be wonderful! Egils