Friday, December 5, 2008

Airship Ballet

It's been fun this past weekend with the Metlife Blimp in the air over the bay with us. We're nearly twice the length of the A60+, but it's a really fun airship to fly. Katharine Board, our pilot, was with Snoopy 1 and Snoopy 2 for a long time, so it is cool for her to see it in the air while she's flying the Zeppelin. Snoopy 2 is around through the middle of December so we're sure there'll be plenty more rendezvous opportunities!

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halojones-fan said...

Okay, so they did the "courtship dance". Pretty soon there'll be a whole bunch of weather balloons over at Moffet.

I mean, that's how you GET zeppelins, right?