Thursday, August 9, 2007

my ten knot jeans aren't flapping too badly

Last week we spent a lot of time going around Bay Area airfields and open spaces with Zeppelin pilot, Scott, checking out the possibilities from a narrowed down list. Was there a big enough clear space? What were the approaches like? What were the dominant wind patterns? Dwayne, our facilities consultant, has been talking to multiple airport managers - "an airship? I think we have some sort of procedure for that in the filing cabinet." Our plans are to have a homebase with a hangar that we will fly from some of the time and then to operate for tourists from a number of Bay Area locations, hence the grand tour. Here are a few pictures from that tour.
["how do we get City Hall to build an airship landing zone into the redevelopment plan?"]
["hmm, is that C5 always there?"]

["Do you think we can persuade them not to grow crops?]

["the tower says that the ceiling is nearing 1000ft]

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