Tuesday, August 7, 2007


"I think there was once a blimp city brewery" said Scott, the Zeppelin pilot and airship operations consultant we’ve been spending time with. Suitably inspired, I went a-googlin’. Indeed, Blimp City Brewery once existed in Akron Ohio, but alas it is no more. You can find reviews on ratebeer.com and it seems to have produced some good beverages, but unless you find a supply somewhere, your chances of tasting it are somewhat slim.

Still in business however is the Tustin Brewing Company, and they make Blimp Hangar Porter.

But if beer is not your tipple, then perhaps you should explore Red Zeppelin wines. While we don't like their logo (we hope after we get flying the wine country and people see how safe our Zeppelin is that they might rethink), we do like the logo for one of their red wines and we really laughed at this cool picture of 'Bread Zeppelin'. We hope that they'll forgive us for putting it here and directing a little traffic to their site...

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