Tuesday, June 26, 2007

News comment roundup

One of the joys of online news is that people can comment on the story. We are pleased to bring you some of our favorite comments.

From Digg
Oh the huge manatee! (best to get that over with early.)

I would love to see this become a reality. I live right next to Moffett. I'd love to get a part time job on that thing just for the thrill of it.

from Topix

"...hey look up there...it's enormous and so long and hard and white...and it vibrates...I want a ride on that"...these people are BRILLIANT marketers...it didn't start over San Fran by accident...

from USA Today

Whooppeee I only like my Zeppelins full of Led....ROCK ON!!! That is such a cool idea that has been right under our noses the whole time. I hope it works.

And our favorite headline (1960’s inspired)

“Zeppelin will give high-flying tourists a trip”

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