Saturday, June 23, 2007

Moving forward

I'm assuming that some of you visiting our blog (welcome!) are here because you found a story about us! We're excited that now we can come out of stealth mode and start to talk about more of what we are doing, even if it is a little earlier than we'd planned! The upside of being 'outed' is that now instead of my posting things once they are a done deal on this blog, you're now going to get all the gory details as they happen! We're also going to persuade a few of our team to start posting too. I hope you find some stories of interest in the archives to whet your appetite for more. And there's always our new website to check out.

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This wonderful image is created by Rob Walker who is doing a series for us. You'll be able to get them as notecards, postcards and T shirts in our webstore shortly.

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