Friday, August 31, 2012

Celebrity Endorsements

Would you buy Dienstgläser from this man?
Hugo Eckener, in an advertisement that appeared in an issue of "Die Woche" from September 1929, extolling the virtues of Zeiss binoculars.


Hannes said...

Let me try a translation:

The company binoculars aboard "Graf Zeppelin"

Amongst other Zeiss navigation equipment aboard the new airship, ZEISS-binoculars are introduced as company field glasses. Dr. Eckener himself wrote about his own Zeiss binoculars: "I must admit, I am quite affected by the surprisingly strong light intensity of the field glasses, making their use even in considerable nightfall and murky weather so all incomparably valuable and enjoyable."

Anonymous said...

@ Brian Hall Can you speak German?