Monday, August 13, 2012

High Capacity Payload Mount

Rendering of new high capacity payload mount
The special missions team has been working on a new high capacity payload mount for Eureka. This new mount attaches to the seat rails in the rear of the gondola, and then extends through the floor to mount systems outside and below the gondola. Where the existing mounting point on the nose of the gondola can handle a single payload weighing some tens of kilograms, this new mounting point will not only give us the ability to carry an additional payload at the same time, but one that is much heavier -- up to a few hundred kilograms!

Early Rendering of Maritime Patrol use of Payload Mount

The original need for this came up during a study we were doing towards using the Zeppelin NT as a platform for maritime search and rescue. In that role, ideally we would carry a camera, radar, spotlight and loudspeaker system simultaneously. It also could be used to carry heavier camera systems in use for major studio movies, such as the largest and heaviest Red camera system with film pack, which currently exceeds the limits of our nose mount when used for film (rather than digital).

The designs have now been approved, development has started, and we expect to be flight testing the mount in September.

If you have interest in testing a payload with the new mount, or in the coastal patrol role of the airship, please contact our special missions group for more information.

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