Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Banner Day

When does a banner make the most sense on an airship?

(compared to the decals we more typically apply)

When you get to use it more than once!

"For Tickets to FLY!" is now on the airship for the first in over 2 years, earning its keep.

The airship has been cleaned and prepped for the next brand which will go on later in September.

The banner is a great way for us to take advantage of the time between now and then to remind folks to FLY!


Window Decals said...

Agreed, but it would be cool if the decal was a little more colorful and eye catching. The message is clear and to the point and obviously if I need tickets to fly I now know where to go, but I think it should also have some "eye candy" effect.

Brian said...

Be careful what you ask for?

Banners are good for about 500 flight hours.

When we removed this one to prepare for the new UNIQLO branding, it was just shy of 480 hours, which means the banner is being retired.

We'll be doing something different for the next opportunity we have to promote ourselves!