Friday, September 2, 2011

Helium Hunters

Helium has been hard to find the last week or two, especially in the St. Louis area.

With the holiday weekend approaching, it was getting even harder, but Troy managed to find a supply a short drive away.

Here Chris and Mark celebrate a little helium victory.

Victorious Helium Hunters


Anonymous said...

we were expecting to see the airship in KC. Has that changed? J

Brian said...

Delayed, but still coming!

Anonymous said...

But OKC is right out, correct?

TTownTrains said...

Could someone update the flight calendar, please?

Brian said...

The flight cal has been updated. While we have been delayed, we still plan to head for Kansas City next.

Anonymous said...

Do you need to find new helium everywhere? Is there a continual seepage of the gas? The gondola seems small compared to airship designs of old. Is that because Helium can't lift what hydrogen could back then?


Brian said...

Rather than trucking it around with us, we tend to get helium delivered to locations that we stop at.

At a home base, it can make sense to have your own high capacity storage. This is done at the modern day hangar in Germany, and was done back in the day (the 30s and 40s!) at Moffett Field.

The ship loses helium on a slow but steady basis as fabric will not contain it without some amount of loss. So we need to replenish that amount from time to time.