Sunday, January 9, 2011

LZ130 on the eve of World War 2

Many people are not aware that Zeppelins still flew after the LZ129 "Hindenburg" disaster. One of them, LZ130, was used on the eve of World War 2, to probe the then-new British coastal radar system, code named "Chain Home"...

Boffins TV have producted a new documentary telling the facinating story of the development of British radar and the Zeppelin spy mission that nearly uncovered its secrets. In a frantic race against time 19 coastal Chain Home radar stations were built to provide Britain with its vital early warning. But the rapid construction of the towers soon came to the attention of German intelligence. On 3rd August 1939 the huge LZ 130 Graf Zeppelin airship crossed the North Sea on a daring wireless spy mission. What happened in the next 24 hours was to decide the future Battle of Britain. With exclusive interviews, reconstructions and expert analysis, we reveal of the truth behind the spy mission that changed the course of history.

You can check out video clips online, and the DVD is available in European and US formats, direct from the production company.

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