Saturday, November 21, 2009

Etched in Time -- Zeppelin Art on the Queen Mary

Michael (Ground Crew Chief) found this while exploring the Queen Mary.


Dan at said...

Quite nice of Cunard to pay tribute to a technology that appeared, at the time, to be their main competitor!

Brian said...

More than cruise ships, I liken the airships of the day to the Concorde -- they were exclusive, high end and got you there fast, but with less space per person than the competition. If you wanted maximum on-board luxury services, and could afford the time for the longer journey, you would have likely chosen to be on the Queen Mary (UK), Normandie (France) or Europa (Germany) instead. If you were a businessman headed urgently for New York or Rio -- well the Zeppelin (or Concorde) was calling.

Some of the other glass panels in this staircase were equally stunning -- high tension power lines, sports cars, and streamlined passenger trains among them.