Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Steampunk Airship Pirates?

As we tell people, never a dull day in the airship business.

We received some email from a band of... Airship pirates?

Sure enough!

The band Abney Park rehearses deep in the Belly of the HMS Ophelia, in our Post Apocalypse Studio. Its a Steampunk thing, you wouldn't understand...or would you?

Aye matey, we do... we do...

Check out the video, or purchase the album on iTunes.

1 comment:

Thieving Magpie said...

Been wondering when Airship Ventures and the original airship pirates would meet. Abney Park is definitely a fun band. They'll be playing in the San Jose Civic Auditorium on Nov 1, so you should check them out if you get the chance. See http://www.steampunkconvention.com/ for details.
Will those of us in the area for the convention be able to tour your facilities and ooh & ahh at your airship by then?