Sunday, October 28, 2012

Meteorite Flight to Wine Country

We flew the Meteorite Flight on Friday, getting into Sonoma late in the afternoon. Over the weekend the lead scientist, Peter Jenniskens of SETI, blogged about his experiences at the SETI web site. We were able to provide two passes over the projected debris field on the trip, carrying Peter, a navigator, and a resident of Novato (Glenn Rivera) who had helped the effort last week.

Flight Path from Moffett to Sonoma with pass over projected Meteorite Path
Some pictures below -- for the full post by Peter, visit

The trend line calculation of the path based on data received so far (Image courtesy

Novato-2, found by Brien Cook of Sacramento. Right photo shows a slice. (Photo courtesy 
Left to Right - Jim Albers, Glenn Rivera, Peter Jenniskens (Photo courtesy

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