Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June Pilot Experience a Success

Another happy class completed our pilot experience today at Moffett Field.

Arranged by Sara Schwarz and taught by Captains Ben Travis and Andrea Deyling, the class included students that had come from the East Coast and the Pacific Northwest for the experience.

The class started on Tuesday morning with a breakfast social, followed by a series of informational presentations and discussions. The afternoon was spent heads down in the classroom portion of the ground school, and we finished the day with an evening reception featuring some local beers and wines. It sure isn't hard to get a bunch of pilots sharing great stories with each other!

As of Tuesday evening, we had our concerns about the weather for the next day. Someone must have put in a word to Aeolus, because the winds cooperated and the flight day portion of the experience went as scheduled.

The day finished with a champagne toast and logbook signing back at HQ.

Our next session is scheduled for September 11-12.

To learn more, or to book the experience for yourself or a special pilot in your life, visit our web site, or ask to speak with Sara at 650-969-8100x111.


Bill Lisleman said...

I mentioned your Zeppelin rides back 2008 on my little blog. I was just listening to some Led Zeppelin and thought of checking to see if you are still flying. Do you fly to any airshows? I recall seeing the Goodyear blimp at Oshkosh. It was impressive.

Brian said...

We do in fact do air shows from time to time.

We were at Oshkosh last year, and we have also participated at Fleet Week in San Francisco and the Hiller Aviation Museum "Vertical Challenge" in the past.

We do not have any upcoming air shows on the schedule at this time. Signing up for the newsletter at our main web site is the best way to get notice of these things, in addition to watching us on facebook, twitter, and here on the blog.

No One said...

I'm wondering how can one become an airship pilot, and what kind of salary does it pay? Also, any chance of opening up other locations? I can think of some great venues, but alas have neither the capital or airship to go do it.

Honestly, this is an awesome tourist idea, but the price is a bit steep. With more places to ride, cheaper fare. It's a surprise zeppelins/airships haven't expanded more in recent years. I would think it might be more economical than running semis and trains for freight (but I don't know how much helium costs!)

Anyways i'd be happy to visit as a consultant for a free ride/job running the airship.

Brian said...

There are a number of ways to become an airship pilot. Most often it is via working for a company that operates an airship.

Less common, but one of the unique products we offer, is that you can pay to receive airship training. The FAA minimum for an LTA rating is 50 hours in airships. This is on top of already having a pilot license.

Once you have your LTA rating, and in the case of the Zeppelin NT, type specific training, we look for a 150 or more hours under supervision to then progress to the point where you can operate the airship single pilot.

Those interested in our commercial LTA rating program should contact our special missions group for more information.