Monday, February 6, 2012

Video: Airship Adventure over Orange County

Airship Adventure Over Orange County from Rob Elliott on Vimeo.

This past weekend we did a 2nd test flight over Orange County, Irvine, the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks and Lake Irvine areas. Rob Elliot created this video of his experience on that flight.

This particular flight departed from Long Beach Airport and was a 2 hour tour.

To really do it the OC way, you can imagine this would be best done from the former MCAS El Toro facilities at Orange County Great Park. In that case it could be a choice of a 45 minute tour north (including Lake Irvine) or a 45 minute tour south (out to the sea).

Thanks for sharing!


george said...

Great editing of a beautiful video!

model airplanes wood said...

Wow I envy you for having an experience with a real plane. I'm just collecting miniatures and dreams of having one in the future.