Friday, December 17, 2010

Odd what you find...

I was using a search engine today to bring up a recent news story about some guys in Australia, including two von Zeppelin relatives, that had founded a new airship company. Among the search results, my eye was drawn to the title "Cocooned away in a Zeppelin of your own". So I clicked, and found that in Australia, you can buy a house that looks like a Zeppelin!

It has a great ocean view and a master bedroom in the nose. With the Australian dollar being about the same as the US dollar, this unusual property in Wye River can be yours for about $650k!

Oh, and the story about the new Zeppelin company is here.

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Harald Korneliussen said...

I read on the German version of the ZLT site that Nippon Airship Corporation was bankrupt, and that the second Zeppelin NT had been dismantled and shipped back to Germany :-(

But maybe this Australian fellow is buying it?