Saturday, August 30, 2008

Together in Europe

The Airship Ventures crew have been in both England and Friedrichshafen for their training and have now all met up in Rotterdam to work together for the next couple of weeks. Then they will return to the US to prepare for the airship arrival and transit.

Technical Manager/Inspector, Matt, sent us this snapshot of the first get together (off duty of course). Missing from this gathering because they're at Moffett helping with preparations, are Don and Matt. (both ground crew, yes, we have three people called Matt!)

Left to Right (GC= ground crewman).
Jas (GC), Matt (GC), Wilton (GC), Kevin (GC), Scott (Chief Pilot), Jeremy (A&P mech), Kate (Pilot), Evaldez (GC), Matt (Technical Manager), Will (A&P mech)

We were really astounded at the quality of people that came forward when we started to built our flight operations team. Every one of our crew has an accomplished background in various fields and they are all great characters. I can't tell you how excited we all are at the prospect of getting this fabulous group of people together with the rest of the company who are all at Moffett. I guess I should post a picture of the Moffett Gang next for completeness.

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MiGrant said...

Have you finalized your route in the US yet? Please please please come through (or at least over) Austin! :-)