Monday, March 17, 2008


We have an office to decorate, and eventually we'll need to have things to adorn our public spaces. So I've been hanging on ebay picking up airship related stuff. There seem to be a lot of Christmas ornaments around right now, but one that I had to have was a Department 56 piece of 'Kitchmas' with a rotating Goodyear blimp!

Aside from fits of laughter at how really dorky this ornament is, the instructions made us laugh the most. For those of you that can't quite see this, it says

Contents: Goodyear Blimp

Michael from Zeppelin who is with us at the moment looked very carefully at the model and from the ducted fans concluded it was based on a GZ22.

Regardless, it would have been a real steal at $16 plus shipping.

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