Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Seasonal Slowdown

People say that things slow down around this time of year. I'm still waiting for that to happen.....

I think I'm going to create a chart that shows current workload vs blog posting frequency. With the exception of making a very serious effort while we were in Germany ( and even then, most of the posts happened while I was taking a short break afterwards!), it seems that the more there is to do, the further down the to-do list the blog slides!

We owe our regular readers more than that (do I hear a New Years Resolution coming on?), and we'll give some thought to how we can do better. I can tell you that the pace is going to pick up considerably in the New Year, so hopefully that will mean lots of new information and musings.

But in the meantime, in case you hadn't spotted it on our website, here's our festive Zeppelin and best wishes from the Airship Ventures team to airship fans everywhere.

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Bob Towery said...

Greetings AV!

My uncle told me about your operation, and we are hoping to fly with you in `10. He's a flying nut and I'm a photographer.

Coincidentally I was recently in Tillamook, you might enjoy these two posts:

The hangar and door

Tillamook Airlines!

Congrats on your dream of a business. Like I said, I hope to be flying and photographing with you in January.